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My name is Dr Daniyal Shakeel and I have been legal & financial practitioner for over 17 years. I am a Civil and Commercial Mediator with the Society of Mediators (SoM) and the Civil Mediation Council (CMC). I've been handling a wide range of legal and financial disputes for over 15 years.
I'm here to help you navigate the mediation process so that it effectively resolves your issues. To my benefit, I have experience with both the in- and out-of-court resolution of legal disputes. I can assist you in reaching a mutually agreeable resolution to your dispute with the other party and providing an economical means of maintaining your existing connections.
I practise both litigation and mediation because I believe that clients should consider alternative methods of resolving a legal dispute in order to avoid the stress and expense of going through the court process in cases where there is a backlog. As a result, the courts are encouraging parties to consider mediation or other alternative dispute resolution methods and imposing cost sanctions on those who refuse.
I am a legal practitioner with ten years of experience working at various levels in civil and commercial departments, acting in matters pertaining to employment law and contracts, tort [personal and professional negligence,] landlord & tenants, residential & commercial property, bankruptcy, and financial services in law firms in England & Wales and other common law jurisdictions. Further to the above, I have a strong track record of delivering consumer solutions in the Regulated Financial Services sector [mortgages, insurance, commercial lending etc.] hence, understand the related issues very well, when parties are involved in litigation.

I have research interests in consumer rights, Insolvency law, and debtors protection in the context of Human Rights and reforms in the Property Act 1925 and holds Ph.D in the area of law. I also mentor and support Law students and those practitioners early on in their careers.


  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts

  • Member of the Royal Society of Lincoln’s Inn

  • Member of London Institute of Banking & Finance

  • Accredited Mediator with the Society of Mediators

  • Associate Mediator with Civil Mediation Council

Our Values

We believe that our values and experience set us apart from other services. Our values are the foundation of our business and service delivery. 



We will work to the best of our abilities, always going the extra mile and striving to improve as we go forward. 


We will deliver high quality services that meet your expectation and demonstrate continued development.


Our passion is to work with people in challenging times, enabling others to reach a positive outcome and re-build relationships. 


You can have faith in the Mediator Inn as an organization. We are committed to having an honest relationship with our clients and place a high value on transparency in all that we do. 


Our customers are the focal point of our service. You are our priority.